Moving to North Bay, Ontario, Why do you consider migrating?

Moving to North Bay If you’d like to live in a smaller community that’s far from the hustle and bustle of big city life if you wake to the sounds of birds chirping instead of cars honking appeals to you. North Bay is referred to as the “Gateway of the North” because it is situated between two large lakes in the northernmost part of Ontario.

Complete with woodland, rivers, and a waterfall, the serene area allows for a comfortable and quiet lifestyle. “You are close to nature and close to your family,” said Naveen Anuja, a North Bay immigrant.

If you feel the need to reach the vibrant streets of the major cities, North Bay is just a 3.5-hour drive from Toronto and Ontario. In North Bay, migrants enjoy a high quality of life with low living costs. In North Bay, the average cost of living is around $1,325 and you normally earn around $2,384 per month.

North Bay Introduces RNIP Moving to North Bay!

The area of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, is the last group that has yet to launch its immigration pilot. North Bay can now be added to their list of cities to live in by foreign nationals searching for an alternative way to immigrate to Canada. The goal of the community-driven immigration policy is to draw specialists and intermediate skilled workers to the region from abroad.

Find out what you need to qualify below for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot and why you should consider North Bay living!

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What is the Rural Northern Pilot (RNIP) for Immigration?

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is intended to help Canada’s rural and northern communities gain access to skilled workers and federal government funding to help immigrants to settle as part of local communities. Many problems are facing these countries, including aging demographics, labor shortages, and youth out-migration. Very few immigrants are spread throughout Canada and prefer to settle in major metropolitan centers such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal instead, potentially missing out on other profitable opportunities moving to North Bay.

This is about to change. Community employers would be interested in the process of recruitment and immigration by recognizing labor shortages and providing permanent jobs to foreign employees.

  • The Groups Participating
  • Freshly introduced: North Bay, Ontario
  • Sudbury, Republic of Ontario
  • Ontario, Timmins
  • And Sault Ste. Ontario, Marie
  • Bay of Thunder, Ontario
  • Manitoba, Brandon
  • Manitoba’s Altona
  • Soon to arrive: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  • Alberta, Claresholm
  • Vernon, Columbia Britannique
  • West Kootenay, Columbia Britannica
  • North Bay: criteria for Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) Eligibility

You need to satisfy both the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada eligibility criteria and the community-specific requirements to apply for immigration to Canada through the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. A two-step method is an application. Second, by meeting the community criteria, you need to receive a community recommendation. Next, the official permanent residency application is submitted to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for a final decision.

Requirements for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Eligibility

IRCC is a federal government agency of Canada that oversees all immigration applications (other than Quebec) and makes the final determination on who in Canada is given permanent resident status. Your eligibility is determined by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada according to the following criteria:

Requirements for Language

Your degree of English CLB or French (NCLC) language competence depends on the profession in which an employer in the North Bay community has offered you a job. See the minimum specifications for a language below:

  • Managerial and technical employment: Canadian Language Benchmarks /NCLC 6
  • Trade and engineering jobs: Canadian Language Benchmarks /NCLC 5
  • Skilled Intermediate Jobs: Canadian Language Benchmarks /NCLC 4

Experience at work

In the last 3 years, candidates require 1 year of continuous job experience (at least 1,560 hours) OR they are new graduates who graduated from a 2-year or longer post-secondary program.

  • Intent to live in the Bay of North
  • To live in the city, applicants must prepare. There might be a need for proof of settlement arrangements.
  • Educational demands
  • For education obtained outside of Canada, an educational credential evaluation report is required.
  • Basic Group Criteria
  • Experience at work

Your work experience must conform to the roles and responsibilities needed to work effectively in the position specified in your job offer.

Past residency applicants

  • When you know about living in a rural and remote city, your application will be prioritized.
  • Spouses and common-law partners moving to North Bay
  • If your spouse or common-law partner will contribute to North Bay’s economic and social life, your application will be prioritized.
  • For more info click here

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